Leather Slip Black On Steve Mens Hamlet Loafer Shoe Madden Defined, rustic style is a design emphasis on rugged, natural beauty. It embraces nature-inspired textures, simple and earthy colors, and ultimately an unpretentious, organic warmth. While rustic style in its most traditional sense might appear heavy and dark today, a contemporary rustic style has emerged over the past few years that feels both fresh and real, light and grounded.

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If that appeals to you, here are the top 25 elements of rustic style for a gorgeous yet genuine nature-infused home. Some of these may not be possible to implement in your current home; don’t get hung up on what you can’t change. Focus on what is possible to create the charming, rustic space you’ll love to live in.

1. Rustic setting.

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A setting close to nature makes the transition from outside to in (and vice versa) that much easier. Whether nestled in among the mountain pines or perched beside a lake, rustic style just makes sense in a rustic setting.

2. Raw natural elements.

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Probably the most important component of rustic style is the raw natural materials used in architecture and décor alike. The more natural these elements appear to be, the easier it is to find and maintain a cohesive contemporary rustic style throughout the entire space.

3. Wide plank wood floors.

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Because of their simple and solid appearance, wide wood planks on the floors provide an automatic and intuitive foundation for decorating in a rustic style.

4. Welcoming fireplace.

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Just as camping isn’t complete without a campfire, so is a rustic styled home incomplete without a warm, inviting fireplace. The fireplace surround made out of visually weighty natural elements (rock, stone, or brick) and a thick, chunky mantel is ideal in a rustic living or family room. (Did we mention that rustic style is as fabulous outdoors as it is indoors?)

5. Paneled walls.

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This architectural touch provides a cozy surround for you to enjoy your rustic style.

6. White walls.

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If you aren’t able to work paneled walls into your rustic interior, no worries. White walls provide an excellent “blank canvas” for you to work your rustic décor magic. White walls are bright, cheerful, and incredibly versatile in helping to create a fresh rustic feeling.

7. Wooden beamed ceilings.

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Not exactly a canopy of tree branches, but wood beams on the ceiling are evocative of nature at its finest. Often, ceiling beams are large, chunky beams that are an excellent reminder of the great outdoors.

8. Neutral, natural color palette.

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While nature has its fair share of gorgeous vibrant hues, the typical rustic style is best served with nature’s more muted tones. Think KD Black Zoom 9 NIKE Shoe Basketball Men's Punch Hot YqxnHw7RS, rich mud-brown walls, or pine green accents – these colors are soothing and evocative of the earthiest of Mother Nature’s masterpieces.

9. Large, chunky pieces.

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Rustic style tends to favor the masculine, hearty side of décor. Dainty, feminine pieces will get lost or, at the very least, feel very out of place within a rustic styled space. Opt for nature-inspired details that provide distinct presence and drama.

10. (Faux) animal hides.

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Of course, snakeskin and crocodile bumps are animalian, but they aren’t the best choice for a rustic setting. Consider the hides that would naturally be found on, say, a form. Like zebra or cowhide rugs and sheepskin throws.{found on adlsf}.

11. Balanced white & neutral.

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While wood is a gorgeous component of rustic décor, it would seem pretty somber and heavy if not balanced out with some lightness. White furniture, paint, or accessories are important in creating that pleasing balance and lightening things up.

12. Non-painted wood.

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Rustic style embraces the natural state of things, and the opportunity to see and feel the knottiness of wood, its grain, and its natural tones is a big deal. This helps to keep the textures of a variety of woods (pine, oak, walnut, birch, to name just a few) separate, individual, and interesting.

13. Natural, solid fabrics.

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The best fabrics for the foundation of rustic style are unprinted and textural. Linen, wool, burlap, and canvas are automatic choices.

14. Non-shiny metal.

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On Mens Leather Hamlet Loafer Slip Black Shoe Madden Steve Rustic style isn’t about shine and sheen; it’s about the true grit of nature. Think rusted metal industrial hardware (old tractor parts?) or punched tin lampshades. These add an old-time feeling to a rustic setting.

Leather On Madden Steve Loafer Shoe Slip Black Mens Hamlet 15. Pieces provide visual weight.

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You want each element in rustic décor to contribute to the overall effect, so don’t shy away from larger scaled pieces. Consider that 10-person dining table or large leather sectional because rustic style can, even wants to, accommodate such things.{found on lisagutowdesign}.

16. Natural state.

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Keep things as close to their natural state as possible for the ultimate rustic style.

17. Woven baskets.

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Baskets are an excellent way to contain miscellaneous (or ugly) items, organize items, or set off a design scheme. In rustic décor, woven baskets do all of that. You could keep a basket of logs on the fireplace hearth, or baskets of small miscellany on the shelves, or even a basket on the coffee table to hide the remote controls. (Notice the contemporary drawer pulls here keep a contemporary vibe amidst the rustic components.)

18. Found objects.

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One of the appeals of rustic style is that it can be exceptionally green – found objects that have a used, worn aesthetic are often prime accessories in a rustic styled home. Consider vintage wooden barrels or even an interesting branch to create the feeling of down-to-earth, back-to-your-roots living.

19. Textural emphasis.

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Roughened textures such as jute, sisal, or braided rugs, (faux) animal hide throws, even butcher block countertops and driftwood lighting fixtures, are perfect choices for rustic home décor.

20. Understated seating.

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While seating certainly doesn’t have to be confined to a stump or a hard rock (the epitome of “natural” seating, no?), it’s best kept neutral and understated in a rustic space. Clean lines, simple textiles, and comfort are prime considerations for rustic seating furnishings.

21. Accents that mimic nature.

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For small changes that make a big difference in the overall décor scheme, you could select accent pieces that mimic nature. Think of a birch bark lamp or brass drawer pulls in the shape of twigs for some great nature-inspired details.{found on tamaramackdesign}.

22. Reclaimed barn wood.

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There’s something about a piece of wood being roughened up over the years by natural elements – rain, wind, sun, snow – that is inspiring and comforting. Barn wood in particular tends to show its age in a humbly chic way. Consider finding a way to incorporate reclaimed barn wood (or driftwood, or similar) into your space.

23. Bold, simple patterns.

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Most rustic style interiors are going to shy away from the frilly and fussy patterns (think floral and toile). Rather, in keeping with the simplicity of nature, rustic style will benefit from bold, stable, and simple patterns such as buffalo plaids and mattress ticking stripes.

24. Woven textiles.

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Nothing says “rustic” like a handcrafted piece. (Or, at least, the perfectly imperfect appearance of having been handcrafted.) Woven blankets in a southwestern pattern, for example, would look great folded and stacked neatly on a wooden shelf.

25. Modern-rustic combo.

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Combining the earthy elements of rustic style with a clean modern design is like marrying the best of both worlds. Keep an open floor plan, maintain exposed natural architecture, and pull in some modern furniture to start things out. Large windows are key to creating a seamless transition from outside to in.