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Mailing Address and Service

For best mail service, use the following address format according to the appropriate company name and suite number:

The ABC Organization

Woodruff Volunteer Center

100 Edgewood Ave. NE

Suite _____

Atlanta, GA 30303

The Woodruff Volunteer Center Mail-room is located in the basement of the building.

Each tenant will have their own mailbox and key(s).

These boxes are issued from the Post Office. The Management Office do not have copies of mailbox keys.  Any additional copies can be obtained from the Post Office.

The delivery times are posted near the boxes.

Outgoing mail is picked up Monday through Friday.

Special service and pick-up times are posted at the mail-room.

No services are provided on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

The full service Post Office serving the Woodruff Volunteer Center is located at:

Central City Carrier

400 Pryor St.

Atlanta, Georgia 30303.
(404) 222-0765

You must contact the Post Office directly to set up a Post Office Box in our building and obtain keys for your box.

Special Mail Services

For your convenience, UPS has a drop box in the basement of the building.