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The actual relocation of your organization's office begins with a discussion of your ideas and space needs, and ends with the successful completion of your move. 


In between, there is a tremendous amount of planning, estimating and decision-making that must be done within a defined time frame.  The Jones Lang LaSalle Management Team will assist you in every way possible to ensure a smooth and comprehensive relocation.


Tenant Responsibilities Prior to Move - in


Your move-in will need to be coordinated with the Management Office in order to facilitate a smooth, efficient relocation. Any arrangement for various trades such as telephone installation, copier installation, etc., should be set up through the Management Office.


Many of the items that need to be completed before the move are listed below:


1.         Coordinate the following items with the Management Office:     


a)  Name of primary contact, acting as the Tenant Contact for the organization.  This   

     person will be have the responsibility to submit work orders, schedule the conference

     room, complete building forms (available through the website), as well as, receive

     direct communication from the Building Office - announcements / alerts.


b)  Complete Tenant Data Form (see Forms Central)


c)  Complete Signage Form (see Forms Central)


d)  Complete Parking applications (see Forms Central)


e)   Schedule move in inspection of your suite prior to occupancy


f)   The number of suite keys needed  (charges may apply based on quantity)


g)   Certificate of Insurance (COI) - confirm office has received a copy


h)    Schedule vendors needing to work in your space ie. telephone / data, copier,

       furniture delivery, and movers.


i)    VERY IMPORTANT:  Notify Management Office of all vendor work scheduled for

       your suite 


j)    Schedule move-in date


2.  Provide the Post Office with change of address information.


Tenant Certificate of Insurance


The Woodruff Volunteer Center’s leases include a provision requiring tenants to have public liability insurance and fire and extended coverage insurance for all tenant belongings located on the tenant’s premises.  The insurance policy will not cover the personal belongings of tenants.  Evidence of coverage required in the lease naming the following as additional insured.


1)  The United Way of Greater Atlanta

2)  Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.

3)   Woodruff Volunteer Center 

For Example – See FORMS CENTRAL


*Pursuant to Article XI of your Lease Agreement, your company is required to maintain a current copy of your “Certificate of Insurance” on file in the Management Office.  Please note that the description should list all space occupied by your company, including storage.

 Moving Procedures Move - In / Move - Out


In order for the Management Office to accommodate the interests of the tenant and to protect the property, the following policies regarding movement of office furniture and equipment should be followed. If you have any questions regarding these polices, please contact the Management Office.


1.  As far in advance as possible, schedule your move with the Management Office.


2.  Provide the Management Office with a letter listing the following information:


a)      Date of your move.

b)      See ‘Service Elevator’ section above for guidelines on the building's website at

c)     You must notify the Management Office in advance for weekend use of the service elevators so that we can inform security to allow your move.

c)   Name of the moving company and the name and contact phone # of the moving company supervisor who will be supervising your move.

d)   Proof of COI (Certificate of Liability Insurance) showing adequate insurance coverage by the moving company.

e)   Provide us with your forwarding addresses and phone number.


f)   Make sure to return ALL keys for your suit and the mailbox.


3.   Special Requirements


The Management Office should be advised in writing of any special requirements in connection with the move.  For example, if items are to be removed prior to the move, arrangements must be made for use of the freight elevator and for access to the tenant suite.  If you are moving any computer equipment, we ask you to list the equipment with applicable serial #'s in case of theft.


4.   Moving Procedures


a)             All items to be moved in must be taken to the building loading dock.

b)            Movers must contact the Management Office prior to removing tenant materials or furniture.  The mover will be required to provide identification and state the name of the tenant being moved.


5.  Clean-up


The moving company and the tenant will be responsible for leaving the building and premises ‘broom clean’, also removing all cartons, furnishings and other trash generated in the move. If Management is forced to call in their own cleaners, a charge will be assessed to the tenants on a cost/plus basis.


6.  Property Damage


Any and all damage to the building, elevator areas, doors, corridors, tenant spaces or grounds which the tenant, moving company or its employees or agents cause will be the responsibility of the tenant. The Landlord will accomplish required repairs with the expense billed to the responsible tenant.


The following section defines specific information that your mover should be told. A copy of this section should be given to those moving companies bidding on your move.


 Instruction to Movers


1.         Inspection of Premises


The mover is responsible for inspecting the tenant suite prior to the move. The mover should acquaint him/herself with the conditions existing in the suite so that s/he may furnish equipment. He or she should be aware of the facilities of the building and the conditions, including safety precautions under which the work must be accomplished.


2.         Insurance


The mover shall provide and deliver Certificates of Insurance to the Management Office at least ten days prior to the move. All policies shall indicate that at least ten (10) days prior to the move, written notice is delivered to the Management Office by the insurer prior to termination, cancellation or material change of such insurance. The Management Office can refuse to allow the mover access to the building if the limits provided on the Certificate of Insurance are not acceptable.


The mover must, at the mover's sole cost and expense, obtain, maintain and keep in full force and affect the following types of insurance and shall provide the Management Office with an appropriate Certificate of Insurance naming the following as additional insured: 


1)  United Way of Greater Atlanta

2)  Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.

3)    Loudermilk Conference Center


            a)         Worker's Compensation and Employer's Liability


           This insurance shall contain a waiver of subrogation rights against Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. and Jones Lang LaSalle Services, Inc. from any liability resulting from possible accidents occurring to mover's employees.


            b)         Comprehensive General Liability Insurance


                        This insurance will cover bodily injury and property damage including, but             not limited to, the following:


                  - Premises and Operations 

                  - Products/Completed Operations 

                  - Broad Form Property Damage

                   - Personal Injury 

                  - Coverage for Any Special Hazard or Operation not normally encountered


            c)  Automobile Liability Insurance


            This insurance will cover claims for bodily injury or property damage arising out of the ownership, maintenance or use of any private passenger or commercial vehicle.


            d)  Cargo Liability


            e)  Comprehensive Dishonesty Bond


 3.         Use of Elevator


The service elevator ONLY is to be used for moving. Passenger elevators may not be used to carry equipment or materials to or from tenant spaces.


4.         Services to be furnished by Mover


Supervision, Labor, Materials and Equipment - The mover shall furnish all supervision, labor, materials, supplies and equipment necessary to perform all the services contemplated in an orderly, timely and efficient manner. Such equipment shall include, among other things, dollies, trucks, etc. as may be required. All material handling vehicles used in the interior of the building must have rubber-tired wheels and must be maintained free from grease and dirt.


a)            Crating, Padding and Packing Material - The mover should take every precaution by means of crating and padding to safeguard property from damage. All padding and packing materials are to be removed by the mover.  The mover shall also furnish, install and remove floor carpet and wall and glass protective material wherever necessary to protect the building from damage, as requested by management.


b) Permits, Franchises, Licenses or Other Lawful Authority - The mover, at his/her own expense, will obtain and maintain any necessary permits, franchises, licenses or other lawful authority required for affecting the movement, handling and other services to be performed. Before the move is made, the mover may be required to produce evidence of such authorities to management.


            5.         Removal of Furniture and Equipment


Each tenant must provide at least 24 hours advance written notice to the Management Office whenever furniture and equipment is to be removed from the property.