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Directory Boards and Signage

Directory Board
The Woodruff Volunteer Center has a directory located in the lobby of each building. For new tenants there is no charge for the original listing. However, there is a small charge for any subsequent changes. If you wish to make additions or corrections to your listing, please submit requests in writing to the Management Office.

Tenant Signage
The Management Office coordinates all tenant signage services. Any signage requests should be directed to the Management Office at 404-527-7242.

Click here to access Directory Board and Signage Form

Important Notes about our Policies
The Building Directory is located in the main lobby to display the name and location of Lessees only (firms and agencies); Lessor reserves the right to exclude any other names there from.

No sign, placard, picture, advertisement, name or notice shall be inscribed, displayed, painted or affixed on or to any part of the outside or inside of the building without the written consent of Lessor. Without said consent, the Lessor shall have the right to remove at the expense of Lessee.

Please note that tenant lists or rosters will not be given out to anyone, including other tenants in the building.