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SECURITY-Property Removal & Authorization - 9/9
 It has now become "MANDATORY" for EVERY ORGANIZATION to complete the two (2) forms that are attached. 

FORM 1 - Step #1 (Property Removal Signature List) ---- All organization is required to IMMEDIATELY fill-out this form and bring the completed form to the Building Management Office, or email it to or fax # 404-527-7416. This form will be kept on record to match signature on form 2-Step #2. 
*** If your organization have never completed this form or, if your organization had already completed this form, and if it is more than one (1) year old, you are required to fill-out this form again***

FORM 2 - Step #2 (Property Removal Form Ticket # ______) ---- All organization, MUST have their staff member and or client who is removing/taking out the property, take this form along with them and hand it to the security officer in the lobby, or the security in the loading dock, at the same time they are removing the property.  
This form and process MUST be completed each and every time that property is being removed from your organization.
*** Only the persons that are listed on FORM 1 - Step #1 (Property Removal Signature List) are allowed to sign this form FORM  2 - Step #2 (Property Removal Form Ticket # ______) ***
Thank you all for the prompt attention you should give this matter.

Management Office -- Woodruff Volunteer Center -- Suite 1006
Phone: 404.527.7242  |   Fax: 404.527.7416

Please Click Here to Download WVC Property Removal Form


Please go to Forms Central to download our Property Removal Form.