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Building Security

Security plays an extremely important role in the overall smooth operation of the building. Good security protects the building against carelessness, negligence, malicious mischief, theft, safety hazards, sabotage and fire.

Officers will patrol the building. In addition, there is a driving patrol of the parking deck and grounds throughout the day / evening. Security will respond to all emergency situations. Our security personnel act as a deterrent to the would-be criminal as well as enforce building regulations, maintain order and are on alert for any unusual activities within the building.

As a theft preventive measure, each time you, one of your employees, your vendors or contractors remove any material or equipment from the building, you will be required to notify the Building Management Office when furniture, boxes or office machines are being removed from the building either by a tenant or a repair person.

There may be special instances when vendors or contractors (carpet cleaning, installation of computer equipment, etc.) need to perform work in your suite during non-business hours. In such instances, please provide notification to the Building Management Office which states the name(s) of the individual(s) and the company and the approximate time and nature of the work to be performed. Request that the individual(s) have some form of identification to present to the officer on duty.

As hard as we try, there are still occasions when we may need to escort an unwanted visitor from the building or to investigate a theft. The inconvenience caused by these situations can be minimized if the procedures observed within our security menu are followed.