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Logan Conference Center

The room is located on the main level of the Woodruff Volunteer Center.  It is available for the convenience and exclusive use of the Woodruff Volunteer Center tenants for the purpose of their organization. 

*** The Logan Room is for meetings only and not for conferences--Any "meeting" that will last and or go-on for more than one (1) day consecutively, and for a full day, by the same organization, is considered a conference, and therefore cannot be held in the Logan Room.  We do not have any facility to facilitate a conference in the Woodruff Volunteer Center Building. ***

Features of the Logan Room include:

  • Conference rooms are reserved on a first come, first serve basis
  • Reservation must be confirmed by e-mail with an electronic signature within 2-4 hours or the reservation is subject to cancellation
  • Please make your reservation at least 48 hours in advance, go to Forms Central. There is no charge for the use of the conference room

***Only schedule 60 days within and or prior to meeting: No meeting schedule beyond a 60 day time frame will be accepted***

  • You MUST receive and have in hand, a confirmation email informing you that your reservation has been confirmed. If you do not get an email confirmation within 24 hours of your submission, contact the Building Management Office immediately. If you do not have an email confirmation, then you are NOT scheduled to use the room.
  • Event / Meeting must be business related to your organization
  • Table seating for approximately 40 people (No additional chairs or tables allowed)
  • Dry erase board is available but you must provide your own meeting supplies such as additional markers, flip chart paper, etc.
  • LCD projector and screen available, but you must reserve it; it is available during normal business hours Monday-Friday; pickup is at 8:00am and MUST be returned no later than 5:00pm the same day of pickup. To reserve, go to Forms Central.  The driver's license of the person picking up the LCD projector equipment must be presented to the property administrator in the Building Management Office, it will be held in the office until the equipment is returned. 
  • Meeting room must be left in a clean & professional manner and furniture arranged back to original order 
  • Pre-function room for reservation table, and / or food display.
  • We do not validate parking tickets, so please make arrangement accordingly

Reservation & Cancelation:

Please Note:  

1) If you book/reserve the Logan Room and then decided you no longer need it, please send a cancelation request.


2) If you book/reserve the Logan Room and do not show up within thirty (30) minutes of your scheduled time, you run the risk of losing your reserved time slot.



1)   If you reserved the Logan Room for 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM and the time is

            now 8:30 AM and you are not present, your entire 8-1 reserved time slot

            will automatically be canceled.


2)   If you reserved the Logan Room for 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM and has to set  up, you should be in the Logan Room by 8:00 AM


Please note:  1) The Logan Room should only be reserved to be used

                           by the said organization who is a tenant within the

                           Woodruff Volunteer Center building, and NOT for

                           any non-tenant/outside entity. 


                       2)  Organization/Tenant is only allowed to reserve the 

                            Logan Room sixty (60) days in advance.


By submitting a reservation for the Logan Room you are stating that you do understand and agree that the room will be left in a clean & professional manner. Definition of clean & professional: White board/tables/chairs/floor is clean; the room is set up in an orderly fashion, excess trash is removed, hence Conference Room is made ready and available for the next scheduled meeting.  Reservations including confirmation must be made five business days in advance.  If Requirements / Guidelines are not followed, you understand there is a $100 fee for non-adherence, and / or room privileges may be revoked from your agency.

We sincerely thank you for your corporation.